Friday, July 23, 2010

FringeNYC Show Listings

FringeNYC Show Listings

on cats, Dada, and the mission of an anti-artist!

Last Nights rehearsal was truly a gift from Dada heaven, or wherever they all landed-(though I do like to think of them all-Tristan, and Hugo and the rest, tossing their harps and halos into the audience,shocking the "newbies" as they enter... ( there an audience in heaven?I for one hope so)
As i was saying...a gift. Frank, our dear dear anti-artistic Director, has surpassed himself inspiring the rehearsal process with a childlike enthusiasm that was infectious. Without giving too much away, my "inner cat" which has long been clawing its way to get out and on to the stage made its appearance yesterday, and oh what a fun filled a feral exploration it was!
Thank you Frank! and my fellow anti-artists!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Altoona Dada Society presents THE VELVET GENTLEMAN

To all my dearest fans, friends, and followers
It is with my deep and great pleasure to announce my starring role(s) in The Altoona Dada Society's production of the recently unearthed world premiere of The Velvet Gentleman, a series of fascinating vignettes and musings on the life of the enegmatic anti artist himself Eric Satie. This World Premiers will be performed at the world renowned and exceptionally prestigious International Fringe Festival held in the fabulous NYC, where my career was birthed, not so very many years ago
I invite you, my discerning ones, to share in this gay and soulful piece of, finally, some real T H E A T R E!-served up by the dedicated band of Altoonas anti-artists you have grown to cherish and support lo these many years.
As a founding member of The Altoona Dada Society I am particularly proud of this occasion to fully spread my wings as an anti-artist portraying 6 challenging roles,
not the least being Debusseys cat "Minxie"
Please do make your reservations now as tickets will be released on a first come, first serve basis, and I do not want any of you, my fans, friend, and followers to be left standing out in the cold, as it were. (It is to the best of my knowledge that the lovely venue we have been lucky enough to snag is, thankfully, air conditioned) Goodness knows but those Tues, weds, Thurs matinee performances are sure to be snatched up quickly!!
As ever, I shall keep you posted with tantalizing tid-bits of "The Rehearsal Process"-and my continued contemplations and musings on "Just what the heck is an anti-artist anyway,Lindsey?"

The Studio at Cherry Lane Theatre (

The Altoona Dada Society Presents The Velvet Gentleman
FRI 8/13 @ 9:00-10:45
MON 8/16 @ 3:45-5:30
TUE 8/17 @ 4:00-5:45
WED 8/25 @ 2:00-3:45
THUR 8/26 @ 9:15-11:00